HP Touchpad Android Alpha 2



gerade gesehen, die Alpha 2 ist erschienen. Gefixt werden diverse Dinge wie:

Plugging headphones in should now shut off speaker volume
* Battery drain issues have been (partially) addressed
* More apps now available in market (thanks to Flemmard)
* Temporarily removed suspect fsck_msdos to fix random folder deletion on media/sdcard.
* At least one type of „sleep of death“ (TP won’t wake up) has been fixed
* Wifi should no longer hang in sleep
* Vibrator no longer disappears
* Touchscreen no longer unresponsive after sleep
* cifs support added
* Touchstone should now charge better
* fixed broken links resulting from first version of installer (mount now works)
* pptp vpn now works
* OpenVPN TUN support added
* USB mounting in vold added
* Misc. fixes to ACME Installer (more graceful exits, nonstandard LVM media location handling, etc.)
* fixes to surfaceflinger to improve performance
* upstream cm7 changes added


Updaten geht per ClockworkMod Recovery oder ACME Installer.

 Hier gibts das Ding.

Ich habs gemacht. Schaun wir mal wie das aussieht.

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